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How to apply for Fellowship award letter for JRF after qualifying CSIR-NET exams?


The  recipients CSIR NET Certificate are required to send the following requisite documents through their Institute/College/ University to CSIR-HRDG at email: fellowshipdoc@csirhrdg.res.in  followed by a hard copy of the same to enable CSIR-HRDG to issue fellowship award letter and activate  fellowship:-

1.   Attestation form (in Original)

2.   Undertaking (in Original)

3.   Declaration  (in Original)

4.   Copy of 10th class Certificate (for date of birth)

5.   Copy of M.Sc. degree

6.   Copy of CSIR-JRF NET certificate.

7.   Copy of caste certificate, if any.


From where I can find the requisite proformas/forms for activation/ joining of CSIR-fellowship ?


All requisite Proformas are available on CSIR-HRDG website at https://csirhrdg.res.in/ For forms can be downloaded by clicking the following links given hereunder for your convenience:

Undertaking (Joining Report):


Attestation form 





What is the validity of  CSIR-NET Certificate ?


CSIR NET certificate is valid for a period of 02 years effective from the date  mentioned in NET Certificate.


What is the procedure to get monthly fellowship from CSIR-HRDG under DBT mode?


Step by step procedure is as under:

1.  Filling of Monthly Attendance of fellows/ Fellowship Claim Bill in the prescribed proforma i.e. Part B. 

2.  Attestation of Fellowship bills (Proforma: Part B) by authorized functionaries of host Institutes/Colleges/Universities by
     indicating  contact number/email and name & designation of authorized functionaries.

3.  Send the Attendance Bill after completion of above steps to CSIR-HRDG  by email followed by original bill via post
     via host institute.

4.  Bills should reach CSIR-HRDG by 5th of following month of due fellowship month e.g. the fellowship bill for the
     month of December, 2020 should reach to CSIR-HRDG by 05th January, 2021.

5.  CSIR-HRDG will  process the fellowship bill and status of bill can be accessed  from EMR PROFILES portal
     at http://emr.ncl.res.in/

6.  Fellowship is credited in the given bank account of Fellows through DBT mode by CSIR-HRDG authorized banker.


From where the fellow can get the prescribed ‘Part B’ proforma for claiming monthly fellowship?


All requisite Proformas are available on CSIR-HRDG website at https://csirhrdg.res.in/ Fellowship claim/ attendance proforma i.e. ‘Part B’ for claiming monthly fellowship can be downloaded by clicking the links given hereunder for your convenience:



What is the procedure to claim annual Contingency grant ?


Procedure for getting  Contingency grant :-

1. An annual contingent grant of Rs.20,000/- per fellow is provided to the host University/Institution where fellow
    is working. For tenure period less than one year, the contingent grant will be admissible on pro-rata basis.

2. Contingency Claim Bill shall be submitted in the prescribed proforma i.e. ‘Part A’ duly signed by the
    Finance Officer/Registrar/Head of the Institution to CSIR-HRDG through authorized
    functionaries of host Institutes/Colleges/Universities by email at contingencybill@csirhrdg.res.in followed by original
    bill via post.

3. CSIR-HRDG will  process the contingency bill and status of bill can be accessed  from EMR PROFILES portal
    at http://emr.ncl.res.in/

4. Contingency is credited in the given bank account of the Institute by CSIR-HRDG authorized banker.

5.  The Contingency grant is to be claimed during the same financial year. 


Where I can get the prescribed proforma i.e. ‘Part A’ to claim Contingency grant ?


All requisite Proformas are available on CSIR-HRDG website at https://csirhrdg.res.in/ Contingency Proforma i.e.‘Part A’ for claiming monthly contingency can be downloaded by clicking the link given hereunder for your convenience:



Can the Contingency grant for the previous financial year be claimed in the current financial year, if not availed by the host institute during the concerned FY?



The annual contingency grant has to be availed during the same financial year.

For quick processing it should be sent well in advance. The claim for Contingency grant should be sent to CSIR-HRDG at least 03 months before the closing of current financial year by the host institute of the research fellow.


What are the purposes for which the  annual contingency grant can be utilized ?


The guidelines for utilization of contingency grant is available at the website of CSIR-HRDG  at Annexure-II which can be accessed by clicking the following link ; https://csirhrdg.res.in/SiteContent/ManagedContent/ContentFiles/20200805121352002jrf_anx_2.pdf


What is the total tenure/duration of CSIR-NET JRFellowship?


The total tenure as JRF plus SRF(NET) is five years (this will include the tenure of Fellowship awarded by UGC/DST/DBT/ICMR/ICAR etc or any other funding agency/Institution).


Where can I enroll myself for availing CSIR Fellowship / Associateships ?


The CSIR Fellowships/Associateships are tenable in Universities/IITs/Post-Graduate Colleges/ Government Research Establishments including those of CSIR, R&D establishments of recognized public or private sector, industrial firms and other recognized institutions.


Is PhD enrolment essential for continuation of NET JRF ?


Yes, a fellow after activation of Fellowship has to register himself/herself for Ph.D programme within a period of 02 years.


What is the procedure for upgradation of fellowship  from JRF to SRF ?


As per CSIR-fellowship guidelines on completion of two years as JRF, the following documents are required to be sent to CSIR-HRDG (soft copy in single Pdf file  via email at fellowshipdoc@csirhrdg.res.in and hard copy by post) for upgradation and continuation of Fellowship for third year:

1)      Recommendations of Three members’ assessment/Expert committee report.

2)      Annual progress report

3)      PhD registration Certificate

Proforma of Assessment Committee Report is at the following link https://csirhrdg.res.in/SiteContent/ManagedContent/ContentFiles/20190619124153058jrf_anx_3.pdf

Proforma for Annual Progress Report is at https://csirhrdg.res.in/SiteContent/ManagedContent/ContentFiles/20180907161644713jrf_anx_4.pdf


What is the composition of Assessment Committee Report  for upgradation from JRF to SRF


Expert Committee/Assessment Committee shall consist of the Guide, Head of the Department and External Member from outside the University/ Institution who is an expert in the relevant field, not below the rank of Professor/ Associate Professor. As far as possible the External Member should be the chairman of three members Committee.

Where the guide happens to be the Head of the Department, the Dean, Faculty of Science or any senior member of the Department may be associated as the third member of the Committee.


What will happen if a fellow is unable to register himself for PhD within a period of 02 years?


The Fellow after completion of 02 years as JRF will be assessed by the Assessment Committee/Expert Committee and he/she will continue as JRF for third year depending upon the recommendations of the Committee. After the expiry of 3rd Year if a Fellow still fails to register for PhD, the Fellowship will be treated as terminated.


What are the 05 main things to be remembered by fellow/Host institute for getting continuous fellowship without a break/delay?


  1. 1.  After completion of 02 years as JRF, send recommendations of Expert/Assessment Committee and other requisite documents (refer FAQ no.14)  for upgradation/continuation of Fellowship for 3rd year to CSIR-HRDG.

  2. 2.  After completion of 3rd year, send requisite documents (refer FAQ no.17) for extension of tenure for 4th year immediately.

  3. 3.   After completion of 4th year, send recommendations of assessment Committee/Expert committee and other requsite documents (refer FAQ no. 18) for 5th and final year.

  4. 4.  Send Monthly Fellowship claim bill by 5th of the following months

  5. 5.  Claim Annual Contingency grant in the same financial year, else it will lapse.


What are the documents required for extension of tenure of Fellowship for 4th year of SRF(NET) ?


1.      Annual Progress Report

2.      Recommendations of the Guide.

Proforma for Annual Progress Report is at https://csirhrdg.res.in/SiteContent/ManagedContent/ContentFiles/20180907161644713jrf_anx_4.pdf


What are the documents required for extension of tenure of Fellowship for 5th year /Final Year?


1.  Recommendation of a three member Assessment Committee/Expert committee

2. Annual Progress Report duly supported by publications in the form of reprints/preprints/manuscripts of the paper published, accepted or communicated for publication 

Proforma for three member assessment Committee is at following link


Proforma for Annual Progress Report



What is the procedure for change of current institute/guide/supervisor i.e transfer of fellowship by Fellow ?


Request for transfer of fellowship will be entertained on compelling circumstances for which the fellow & his/her guide should submit proper justification.

1. No Objection Certificate should be produced by the Fellow/ Associate from supervisor and Head of Department of University/Institute from where transfer is sought.

2.  Consent of the Guide/Host Institute where Fellowships is sought to be transferred by giving reasons of transfer.

3. Prior approval from CSIR for "transfer of fellowship" is must before joining new institute/Guide and if he/she joins elsewhere without approval of CSIR, his/her fellowship will be terminated from the date of resignation.

No transfers will be allowed in the last six months of the tenure of fellowships & also after submission of Ph.D. thesis.


What are the provisions for Maternity leave for women fellows?


Women Fellows with less than two surviving children are entitled to get full stipend plus HRA, during the period of absence of 180 days on grounds of maternity.

Such leave shall be sanctioned by the Guide under intimation to CSIR.

The Fellowship amount for leave period will be paid after the fellow resumes duty and submits a medical certificate in support of actual confinement.

It is expected that the Fellow will make up for the research work during the remaining tenure 


What are the provisions for Paternity leave for Male fellows?


Male Fellows of CSIR with less than two surviving children are entitled for 15 days paternity leave during confinement of his wife on submission of relevant documentary proof.

Such leave shall be sanctioned by the Guide under intimation to CSIR.


What are the provisions for availing leave by a fellow ?


30 days leave with stipend for each completed year of tenure is admissible with the permission of the Guide under intimation to CSIR.

The leave due can be carried over to the next year, however not more than 90 days can be accumulated at any time during the tenure. Of this not more than 30 days can be availed in a calendar year with stipend and beyond that any leave will be treated as “Leave Without Stipend”.

During the first year of Fellowship or any uncompleted year, leave may be granted on pro-rata basis.


Can CSIR-Fellow visit abroad for attending conferences/seminars etc


Yes, with prior approval of CSIR-HRDG and on the recommendations of Guide  with the concurrence of Head of  the host institution/Department.

The entire duration of such foreign visits if funded by any national/international agency, whether partially or fully, would be treated as leave without stipend.


What are various communication channels for various purposes for fellows ?


The following email addresses shall be used for communication with CSIR-HRDG:

1.   fellowshipbill@csirhrdg.res.in : For sending Fellowship Claim Bill (by 5th of every month).

2.   contingencybill@csirhrdg.res.in : For sending Contingency Bill.

3.   fellowshipdoc@csirhrdg.res.in : For sending documents for the purpose of award letter, extension, change of institute etc.

For postal Communication:

The Head,

CSIR-Human Resource Development Group(CSIR-HRDG)

CSIR Complex,

Library Avenue, Pusa,

New Delhi- 110 012


What are the reasons for delay in fellowship disbursement ?


These are the common reasons for delay in disbursement of fellowship:-

i)  Non receipt of fellowship claim bill by 5th of every month.

ii)  Claim bills do not include all claimants at one go.

iii)  Claim bills not sent every month but sent for multiple months together.

iv)  Claim bills not sent by email but by post only.

v)    A/c No. /IFSC code are not verified in the claim bills.

vi)   Three Member Committee report for upgradation, documentary proof for extension cases, acceptance letter for change of institution/guide, intimation about leave/maternity leave cases are often delayed which unfortunately delays fellowship release.

vii)  Scanned copy of the Bill is either illegible or unsigned or unstamped or incorrect fellowship amount etc.

viii)  Not claiming HRA and Fellowship of a month together but separately in two separate parts.


How tenure of  JRF and SRF computed while joining during the  month or first day of the month ?


As per  CSIR NET JRF Guidelines, a Research Fellow who joins on the first day of the month, his/her tenure will be completed on the last day of the previous month. In other cases the tenure will be completed on the last day of the same month of joining the Fellowship.

An illustration:-


TitleDOJ of the fellowshipTenurePeriod of Fellowship
JRF(NET)01.04.201702 years01.04.2017 to 31.03.2019

after upgradation

01.04.201903 years01.04.2019  to 31.03.2022


12.04.201702 years12.04.2017 to 30.04.2019

after upgradation

01.05.201903 years01.05.2019 to 30.04.2022



What are the conduct and behavior that a CSIR Fellow is expected of?


Not to indulge in any activity/conduct/behavior which tarnish or bring bad name to CSIR or scientific/research community. Cognizance of such misconducts will lead to termination of fellowship.